hi! i’m rachel, probably better known as wodesorel. 🙂

i’ve been selling my own organically grown and dried items for hermit crabs since 2011, ever since my garden produced so much that there was plenty left over to share with my online crabbing friends. everyone loved what i offered so much that it turned into a yearly event!

unfortunately, my allergies have gotten to the point where it’s no longer safe for me to be around the dried food items that hermit crabs love to eat. i sort of always knew this day was going to come, but it makes me sad that this is the end of the fun.

i have enjoyed every moment of running my store, from that first year of mixed boxes, to expanding into shells, to now.

please enjoy what we have left for sale! perhaps you can learn some new likes for your hermits. just because we won’t be offering items anymore doesn’t mean they can’t be found elsewhere.

i would also be happy to answer any questions about sourcing your hermit’s favorite things, so that you can continue to provide them in the future!